Summer Packet 2023




Published on May 1st.


As we look ahead to the upcoming school year, this summer packet is full of information that you will need, including calendars, supply lists, and much more! Please read through this information carefully in preparation for next year. Please call the school office, if you have any questions. The packet is designed for all new and returning students for the upcoming school year.

Have a blessed and safe summer!


2023-2024 School Academic Calendar

August 2023

September 2023

Summer Office Hours 2023


Principal Summer Letter

Reference Sheet 23-24


Download the packet of your student’s incoming grade level for 2023-2024.

(Ex: student entering 4th grade will download the 4th grade packets.)

Pk3-Pk4 School Supply 2023-2024

K-1st Supply List 2023-2024

2nd-3rd School Supply 2023-2024

4th-5th School Supply 2023-2024

JH School Supply 2023-2024

Order from 1st Day School Supplies HERE– delivered to your home! Online order deadline by July 1st!

Required for 2023-2024 clear or see through mesh backpacks for all students grades Pk3-8th. Small SHCS backpacks are available for purchase  ($25 each)

Rolling backpacks are not allowed for grades Pk-4th grade.


Summer Pre-K3 Packet

Summer Pre-K4 Packet

Summer Reading & Math Packet for Kinder

Summer Packet for 1st grade

Summer Packet for 2nd grade

Summer Reading for 3rd  Summer Reading List for 3rd  Summer Math for 3rd

Summer Reading for 4th  – updated on 5/23/23 Summer Math for 4th

Summer Reading for 5th  Summer Reading for 5th Part 2  Summer Math for 5th

Summer Reading for JH
Summer Math for 6th  
Summer Math for 6th AP and 7th
Summer Math for 7th AP and 8th
Summer Math for Algebra I



SHCS E-Newsletter Opt-In

Risse Brothers School Uniforms On Campus Pop Up

Risse Brothers Uniforms Online Store

Used Uniform Sale July

Used Uniform Sale Info for August

Carpool Map for Drop Off & Pick Up

SUMMER TUTORING/CAMPS- Incoming grades/optional

Mrs. Keister’s Summer Tutoring

Mrs. Lochridge’s Summer School Flier

Dr. Hesse’s Summer Academy Flier

3rd Grade Summer Study Skills Tutoring w/ Ms. Welch

Mrs. Silvas’ Summer Tutoring Opportunities

Mrs. Silvas’ 4th Grade Summer Reading Tutoring

Mrs. Filer’s Summer Tutoring

Mrs. Silvas’ 5th Grade Summer Reading Tutoring

Mr. Jones’ Summer Math Tutoring

Mrs. Silvas’ 6th grade Summer Reading Tutoring

Mrs. Silvas’ 8th Grade Summer Reading Tutoring