St. Helen School Advisory Council

Welcome, to our new and returning families!

St. Helen Catholic Advisory Council

The St. Helen Catholic School Council welcomes you to another great school year! Our school advisory council is consultative in nature, consisting of parents and parishioners. As we start our 7th year in our new school building, our focus will be to support the mission of St. Helen Catholic School.

The philosophy of St. Helen Catholic School is to provide a well-rounded education emphasizing Catholic ideals of academic excellence, personal integrity, Christian service, and enduring faith. St. Helen Catholic School is a culturally diverse community composed of the clergy, parishioners, parents, students, school personnel, and all who help to fulfill the school’s mission. St. Helen Catholic School promotes high academic standards within a Christ-centered, spiritual environment. Members of the St. Helen community seek to teach Catholic values, strengthen students in the Catholic faith, focus on the education of the whole person, and witness to the presence of Jesus Christ in the world.


St. Helen Catholic Advisory Council


Role of Catholic School Board (cited from, Archdiocese Catholic Advisory Council Guidelines)
  • Long-term Strategic Planning:
    • The long-term strategic plan, including specific actions and strategies, is the basic document for the principal, pastor and guiding council. This plan should be viewed not as an end itself, but as an important help to the school in carrying out its mission and
  • Assume leadership roles by serving on council committees to recommend policies and action
    plans that will help meet the needs of the school, now and in the future;
  • Assist the principal and pastor in school marketing, development, recruitment, communications, facilities and financial planning;
  • Give input in the evaluation of the principal as requested;
  • Be “Good-will Ambassadors.” Promote and communicate the “great things that are
    happening at the school”;
  • St. Helen Catholic School Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Principal, Phyliss Coleman, and Pastor, Rev. Jim Courville. The council consists of the pastor, principal, faculty representative, three parishioner positions and four parent positions. All positions have three year terms;
  • They assist and support Dr. Coleman and Rev. Jim Courville by recommending policy,
    identifying and articulating the educational needs and aspirations of the school and the
    school/parish community, and articulating and communicating the St. Helen Catholic
    School’s Mission statement.


School Advisory Council Meetings are usually scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month during the school year at 9:00 A.M. Dates are subject to change; check the monthly school calendar for the confirmed date. To be placed on the agenda, contact the principal and/or the school board president at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. Agenda topics need to be more generalized in nature and be for the good of the entire school. You may always contact any council member to discuss any question or concern that you may have. Parents are welcome to attend a advisory council meetings as a visitor, but according to the by-Laws, The right of non-members to address the council shall be limited to those individuals whose petition has been submitted and approved for inclusion on the agenda.


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