Why St. Helen?

Welcome to St. Helen Catholic School!

All of our staff are worthy of awards…please get to know them and St. Helen Catholic School! We are accredited by TCCBED (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department) and the Texas Education Agency, through TCCBED.

We, the community of St. Helen Catholic School, firmly believe that learning is a life-long process to be nurtured and sustained at all levels. At the heart of the educational process is the faith formation of all persons, especially our students, through the personal commitment of each staff member and an academic program centered on Christian values.

Our students know that we have high expectations for them, and they strive to meet them. We welcome involvement from parents and the community as together, we ensure our school maintains our Catholic identity. Our continued mission is to grow children in “Wisdom, Age, Grace” or WAG!

About Our School:
  • St. Helen is TCCBED accredited and is a high-school, college-prep academic program.
  • SHCS is one of only two Catholic schools in Brazoria County.
  • The campus boasts a state-of-the-art security system.
  • SHCS is the ONLY Catholic school in the Archdiocese to have two teacher recipients of the prestigious Sally Landrum Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Our Advisory Council accepted the 2016 School Board of Excellence Award.
  • Our current principal was awarded the Archdiocesan Leadership Award in 2020.
  • We offer:
  • advanced placement classes in grades 6-7-8.
  • a before and after school care program for registered students.
  • a wide range of competitive athletic clubs.
  • Many students are enrolled in before and after school activities, including, but not limited to: Dance Club, Geography Club, Drama & Speech Tournaments, Bible Bowl,  Reading Clubs, Music Club, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Athletics, and many more!
  • A full-time Intervention Specialist and part-time Counselor are available to students.
  • A part-time R.N. is on campus three days a week.
  • Students in 4th-7th grade participate and are eligible for the DECATS and Duke Talent programs.


SHCS Strategic Plan 2021-2026