This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents. St. Helen Catholic School enrolls students PK3-8th grade all year long.

How do I apply to St. Helen Catholic School?
How will I know if my child has been accepted?
We live out of town, so how do I apply?
My child has never been to a daycare or nursery school. Will this affect their application?
Do I have to reapply each year for school enrollment?
Do you have a waiting list?
What are your school hours?
Do you have before and after school care?
How many students are there and what percentage of the student population are in after-school care?
What is your average class size?
Does SHCS offer classes for gifted children?
How many zip codes do we have feeding here?
How many students are Catholic?
How many staff members hold advanced degrees?
How many of your 8th grade graduates attend Catholic High Schools?